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pirate silhouetteWelcome to BandGuns.Com, one of the only websites online selling rubber band guns designed for use with Society For Creative Anachronism, Empire of Chivalry and Steel and LARP rapier combat. We also serve the Steampunk, CosPlay and Renfaire communities with stylish, historically-accurate, and realistic pistols. RBG's are the late-period equivalent of combat archery in the SCA and ECS, and are a great deal of fun when incorporated into average or larger-sized melees.

These items are not built in an Asian factory, they are hand-crafted right here in America, one piece at a time using materials bought from other small American businesses.

Please Note ...

We are frequently low on much of the stock, and when we DO add a handful of new pistols they tend to sell out within the month. It may look like a ghost town on the In-Stock page but I assure you, we are still very much in business!

If you want a pistol made that's not available you can contact the Gunsmith and put in a special order, the wait time is generally 3-4 weeks.

On the In Stock and Other Items pages you can add in-stock items to a shopping cart and check out. If you have any difficulties please be sure to contact the gunsmith.

(8/2021) Don't mind our antiquated appearance - We will be updating this website soon!

pirate silhouetteAll our pieces are crafted individually by hand, and are based upon illustrations or photographs of flintlock, wheel lock, and matchlock firearms used from 1500-1700, as well as a few variations and hybrids. A great deal of care and effort goes into these pistols, the end product we are aiming for is something that looks and feels like the real thing, as best we can.To see what bandguns we have for sale, go to the in-stock pages to see all available items. Our guns are not made as mass-production items, and our online catalog will vary from time to time as guns are created or sold.Note: All our pistols and rifles fire bands made from latex rubber surgical tubing. These bands hit hard, so be sure to use protective equipment (such as a fencing mask) when shooting these at your friends... and we suggest your friends wear a mask as well.


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