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houligans of bandguns dot ComBandguns-dot-Com was founded in late 2003 to fill a need in the area of fencing in the East Kingdom. We are fencers and we are trigger-happy, with ties to both the fencing community as well as to reenacting with black powder firearms. So the more we could incorporate muskets and pistols into our fence the better! Dante began designing the first pistols and before long had outfitted our company with terrible firepower. Others we met were envious of our guns and wanted some of their own, and so the business began.

Located in the mountainous far north of the East Kingdom of the SCA, we build all our guns to the exacting specifications that we ourselves desire in a bandgun. We're reenactors, of course, so "functional" was not nearly good enough. We choose to create a gun that both looks and feels as close to the original guns of the period as we can, using simple tools and a little bit of patience.

gunsmith danteOur chief gunsmith designs and builds all our guns, right down to the correct size, based on historically-accurate pieces found in museums, textbooks, gun shows and in various antique auctions. These guns are all individually hand crafted with simple tools, and are given a multi-stage hand finishing used by traditional gunsmiths when making their gunstocks. These guns will shoot straight, sure, but they'll all look good on your belt or tucked into your sash. Who wants to walk around an event in their finest frock but wearing an ugly sidearm? Not Us!

Our gun models will often change, we like to add new designs every year and will often retire older models. We're artists, so we like to change things up. The result is hundreds of our guns circulating throughout the "known world," utilizing more than 60 designs. If you've bought from us before there's a good chance you'll bump into other customers of ours on the field of combat, and there's also a great chance none of them will have the same gun as you.

We think that's pretty cool.

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