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Dressing Up Your Bandgun

Many of the guns used in period were not the utilitarian heater we know guns to be today, but were prized possessions of nobility. These guns were often very attractive works of art, both in its overall form as well as it's finish. Some were literally covered with small gemstones and precious metal trimings. Your gun will be fairly straight-forward, but with some imagination and a little know-how, you can modify your gun so that it reflects your snooty noble facies.

ornate flintlock

An easy thing to do is to get a box of small furniture tacks with antiqued and textured heads, and tap them into the stock of your gun, giving it a kind of gem-studded appearance. Or, you could go so far as to get small synthetic gemstone spots and glue them to your gunstock, using epoxy, hot glue, r JB Weld or some other strong adhesive.

The more adventurous can actually carve decorations into the gun with carving tools or a Dremmel, and fill the cuts and patterns with paint or with metallic ink or Gouache. Be sure to seal and finish the gun afterward with a thin coat of polyurethane to help preserve the finish of your gun, as well as maintain the durability of the gunstock.



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